Monday, May 03, 2010

Book review - 'The Naughty Secretary Club'

Author: Jennifer Perkins
ISBN: 1600611168 / 978-1600611162
Looking at the title of the post, you may be forgiven into thinking this book involves lewd stories involving working late and office romances. It's not. The full title of the book is The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girl's Guide to Handmade Jewelry' (and, yes, because it's American it's spelt 'jewelry' and not 'jewellery' BAH!)

I received this book for Christmas, and I must admit I've read it from cover to cover a number of times since (which is good, considering I put it on my Amazon wish list).

So, what's the premise? Why is it 'The Naughty Secretary Club'? Simple; all the jewellery projects inside can be made either by stuff you can swipe from work, made at work or have a 'secretary/work' theme. Now, before you continue, you must be warned that all of the projects are of the kitschiest of the kitsch kind - think giant beads, 1950's glasses and cocktails. If you like your jewellery more subdued, then this isn't the book for you.

Some of the projects do enforce a sense of humour to wear, such as the Whistle at Work necklace adorned with gnome cupcake toppers, while others you may be scrabbling around for the actual pieces you need (hmmm, I seem to be all out of vintage typewriter ribbon tins). The great thing is that the author, Jennifer, is aware of this and confesses that you might have problems locating some of the vintage notions she uses. But, anyway, it doesn't matter, as most of these projects act as 'starting points' and let you be free to tweak certain elements. You're encouraged to rummage through thrift shops, discount stores and even your old jewellery box. Don't have a 1950s motel key fob? Who cares! Use whatever you have in your stash instead.

Another bonus is that if you mosey on over to Jen's blog, she has some bonus jewellery projects, using either materials or techniques that are already in the book.
Favourite project = Secretary's Day Bouquet bracelet
Least favourite project = All-Access Pass badge holder

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