Friday, October 16, 2015

Fun with Pinterest: DIY Jewellery Tutorials

Follow Kitsch 'n' Kaboodle 's board DIY Jewellery Tutorials on Pinterest.

There's nothing like a good session on Pinterest. It's great to quickly delve into when you have a few minutes to spare, whether you're waiting for your bus to work or having a quick coffee break. But beware, it is the ultimate time-suck and that nifty five minutes soon turns into five hours (I speak from experience :P ). The beauty of Pinterest is that there is so much information on there, whether you want storage ideas, jewellery making tutorials, fashion tips or just help with colour combinations.

One of my boards is 'DIY Jewellery Tutorials', with links to free how-to's on different jewellery projects. I'm always adding to it, so follow the board over on Pinterest (also follow on Twitter and/or Facebook, as updates get posted there too) if you want to see the latest additions.