Kitsch 'n' Kaboodle Beads was first set up back in 2010. It started out with me trying to get rid of the excess beads I had from my jewellery making, in a vain attempt to stop me being taken over by them.

It didn't work.

As sales picked up, more stock came in which meant I had more beads than I started with. It then became clear that the shop needed a focus. Realising that most of the beads on offer elsewhere weren't very exciting, I decided to start selling beads that were unusual and less run-of-the-mill.

My jewellery making days were still going, although I was vastly running out of space and couldn't possibly wear all the stuff I'd made (unless I wanted to look like I'd fallen in the jewellery box). So, the lightbulb moment of 'hey, why don't I sell some of my jewellery in the shop' suddenly dinged over my head.

And in a Twilight Zone-esque twist, Kitsch 'n' Kaboodle beads  morphed into Kitsch 'n' Kaboodle beads & jewellery

 P.S. Like our graphics? Thank S. Finch :)